The Band

John Davis – Lead Guitarist

Musical Influences:

The Who were the reason I started to learn to play guitar. From there on artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Jam, Sex Pistols (there are loads more) all had an influence on my playing. I remember a time when I only wanted to play and sound like Steve Jones!

Musical Experience:

My dad started to teach me guitar at the age of 11. I learned songs by artists including Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly. Over the years I have played in various bands incorporating many different genres. I will try to remember them all.
Endaksi – Rock and blues covers – some originals. (Guitar)
We’r – Rock/Indie covers and originals (Guitar)
Grip – Rock/Indie/Punk covers (Guitar)
Yellowstone – Mod rock – covers and originals (Guitar)
The Suncars – Indie rock – covers and originals (Bass)
Tequila –Show band – covers of everything (Guitar)
Sgt. Rock – Rock covers band (Guitar)
The Modern Jam – A ‘The Jam’ tribute band.
The Mighty Offbeats – Ska band (Guitar and Bass)

First Record Ever Bought: Heart of Glass – Blondie (This was bought for me in Romford market) and First record bought with my own money: Baggy Trousers – Madness.

First Gig Attended:

Monsters of Rock 1988: Line up: Helloween, Megadeth, Steve Vai and David Lee Roth, Kiss, Guns n Roses and Iron Maiden.

Favourite Album(s):

Quadrophenia by The Who – Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols – Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic by the Red hot Chili Peppers.

Si “The Fox” Foxhall – Lead Vocal

Simon FoxhallMusical Influences:

I truly have an eclectic taste in music, never stereotypically aligned to one style or another. I’m pleased to say I survived the musical torturing, by my parents, through the early ’70s, resisting the beastly crooning’s of, amongst others; John Denver, Leo Sayer, ABBA, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton etc. In the late ’70s, guided by my elder cousin (by 4 years) Steve, I was introduced to some lively rag-tag & bobtail outfits namely: Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedy’s, Crass (who originated from my home town, Epping, Essex), The Clash and The Ramones etc. The music of those bands and that era was raw and edgy. No more prissy, soft, boring music for me after that (or so I thought at the time!). The punk genre was really exciting, although somewhat misrepresented as a rebellion (in my opinion) and whetted my appetite for more aggressive music. Hence my dalliances with AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden etc. that followed. However, being of young, and furtive, mind at the time, I had penchants for Funboy 3 (still love the clothing!), electro-pop (Visage, Spandau, Talk Talk, Yazoo etc. – still love the makeup!) which sustained me (mostly) through to the early Brit Pop explosion of the 90’s. By the way, I still think Oasis are magnificent live! I think it’s fair to say that all of the above have influenced me greatly. To this day, I still relate to music from multi-genres and find myself wandering down various musical avenues that I wouldn’t have believed. However, for me, there’s only one style that excited me the most and is THE ONLY ONE to perform – P.U.N.K and make it bloody loud too! If you like the idea of that, great, if not…………

Musical Experience:

Having reached the heady heights of “Lead Tambourinist” at Coopersale Primary School, I decided to take a different musical direction and, under my Grand-Fathers tutelage, became highly proficient in the operation of the “spoons” and “washboard”. Favouring a career in dance, I became highly adept at podium dancing at Hollywood night club in Romford, Essex, much to my friends’ dismay. My elasticity of movement is still visible at Blackout gigs. However, my vocal career has “Only Just Begun” (in the words of the Carpenters, though you’d never catch me singing that inane drivel!) and I definitely have a “unique” style. Come and see us to experience something, the likes of which you may have heard (or recognise)!

Favourite Album(s):

The most played album/then CD/then iTunes recording I have is definitely “Soul Mining” by The The (released 1983). The album includes my joint-favourite song, “Uncertain Smile”, which incorporates the magical piano solo by Jools Holland. The most influential album and the 1st I bought in my own right was The Specials (album of the same name – released 1979) which includes my other joint-favourite song, Concrete Jungle.

First 45 Ever Bought:

Probably Shang-A-Lang by the Bay City Rollers or I Love You Love by “he who can no longer be mentioned”! They were bought for me. The first 45 I can remember parting with hard-earned cash was “Being Boiled” by the Human League (released 1978 then 1982) and I have a very rare copy of the original!!

First Gig Attended:

Probably (& still haunted by) Kenny Ball & His Jazz Men, Harlow Park circa 1974 with my family!

On own, Yazoo, Dominion Theatre London, 22nd November 1982. Alison Moyet still has an amazing voice!

Paul Adkins – Bass

Paul AdkinsI keep the low-end going in the band. As the oldest member of Blackout, I can justifiably say that I’m a true punk having been around in 1976\77 and playing bass.

As a young teenager, I was in many bands and was immersed in the whole punk and new wave scene, seeing some of the Greats play in the early days: the Clash, The Sex Pistols, Sham 69 and just about every punk band that was making a name for themselves at the time.

I’ve carried on playing bass in bands for the past 40 years and have played hundreds of live gigs and appeared on numerous recordings. Blackout is a dream come true – a band playing the music of my teenage years. They’re songs that make me feel 18 again and also take the audience back in time to when they were bouncing around the dance floor.

I play Fender and Ernie Ball basses and use the bass cabinets made by the British company Barefaced, I use Rotosound strings and my weapon of choice would always be a plectrum when playing. It’s also important to keep the bass slung as low as possible, or as low as the back will handle!

Karl Everett – Drums

Karl EverettMusical Influences:

I started with quite a bit of hair rock, Jovi, Def leopard, Van Halen and then moved into more American punk/indie with green day, offspring, Blink 182…but Iwill listen to most things as long as it has real musicians.

Musical Experience:

Started playing the drums at 15 and have been in bands ever since: The Backrow was the first, then Picture House, Pugwash, Amber, Skinny, JC and the loony tunes, Some Product and now Blackout…normally playing fast indie/punk stuff 🙂 I was nearly signed at 24 and played in most venues in London and the South East…highlights would be playing Cozy Powell’s drum kits and bing on the same bill as The Charlatans and the Levellers. I play an Orange County Drums and Percussion kit – my 40th birthday present to myself, with a mix of Paiste Rude and Zyldjian K cymbals.

First Record Ever Bought: XTC -Senses working overtime

First Gig Attended: Bon Jovi – Hammersmith Odeon – last gig Iron Maiden at the O2

Favourite Album(s): Dookie – Green Day, Ten – Pearl Jam, Appetite for Destruction – Guns and Roses, offspring conspiracy of one,