The Ultimate Punk Rock Experience

Blackout are a 4 piece band based in Cornwall UK. The members of the band are:

Paul Adkins

John Davis

Karl Everett

Simon Foxhall

We play a variety of alternative music, with a punk and new wave bias, which was originally performed by a plethora of artists, the likes of which can be seen in the Set List. When you’re with us live, you’ll see our enthusiasm, and energy, for the style of music we play. Our collective, physical, ages add up to a mere 216. However, our collective mental age, when performing, is a mere 68. That’s made up as follows; 16 for Paul and John (they’re the sensible ones!), 14 for Karl and 12 for Si!

We have over 50 years of performing musical experience behind us, although Si’s the baby in those terms! However, we’re “breaking him in” fast and he’s an enthusiastic, quick learner. Paul Adkins, the fleet fingered bassist, pounds out the rasping bass lines that are at the core of the sound produced. Paul interchanges standard and double bass equipment to give songs a distinctive, and individual, sound which reflects (or improves on!) the original styling. Paul undertakes a tad of backing vocals, albeit he’s a tad shy! Johnny “Thunders” Davis provides the cool, melodic, string led overlay of the lead guitar sound. He comprises driving strumming with cutting edge lead solos to give the band a distinctive, authentic and accomplished guitar sound. John also assists with the backing vocals where he uses his tenor sound to harmonise with the vocal output. Karl “The Krash” Everett will introduce himself to you whether you like it or not!! His altruistic, and authentic, punk drumming elevates songs to amazing levels. His high energy, high octane and enthusiastic pounding means he’s shattered at the end of gigs. So he’ll whisper at you when gigs end! Si “The Fox” has his own unique style which either mimics the original style of the genre or  interprets some songs to suit his, and the band’s, style. Si encourages as much crowd interaction as they’re prepared to give and like’s to engage with the audience. So, hopefully, he’ll be enjoying some banter with you soon!

If you’re interested in booking us for you event, pub, club or festival (we hope!), you can find details within the Gigs section of the site. So make sure you book early to avoid disappointment! Also, if you have specific requests, please use the Contact to get in touch with us and we can personalise an event for you.

We all love the genre of music so, hopefully, and hope you will/do too. We also hope you’ll be able to see that when you come and see us. So make sure that it’s not too long before you do! Happy listening to all!